October 22, 2021

Taliban spokesman says Afghans will be blocked from entering Kabul airport from now on. Only foreigners allowed to leave


46 thoughts on “Taliban spokesman says Afghans will be blocked from entering Kabul airport from now on. Only foreigners allowed to leave

  1. A lot of people have been trying to explain that the Taliban do not think like Americans do.

    In the minds of the Taliban an Afghan with an American passport is not an American, they are a traitor that will be killed when the “real” Americans leave.

    The media really needs to start explaining this and preparing Americans for what is about to happen.

  2. I do believe that a negotiation was probably settled, especially since our CIA met with the top Taliban leader, and this comes out immediately after.

    The Taliban want to look strong, they are trying to figure out how they can fit in diplomatically with the rest of the world (I know, lol right), while also making sure to not appear weak to the other forces in their region they are likely worrying about currently (ISI, Al-Qaeda)

    They give us a deadline, they tell us they are keeping the refugees, and in turn we dont have to worry about accepting anymore refugees and figuring out where to place them etc..and then cool, we can meet the date as well. Win win. Which is absolutely shitty, these Afgan people absolutely should be allowed to leave. Especially those that aided us. They have all been through enough.

    I do believe a deal was made, and that we shouldn’t take any of this at face value.

    This is one of those instances where someone is going to get burned, unfortunately. I dont see this playing out where everyone wins and is happy. Ah — the lovely side of war.

  3. Damn. Damn. Damn.

    I was really hoping the Taliban would look at evacuations of Afghans as an easy way to get rid of people they wouldn’t want in the *Taliban’s* Afghanistan anyway. Letting Afghans evacuate could reduce problems for them later on.

    I guess I was always being idealistic, regimes often have a point to prove and can be motivated immensely by “revenge” and other concepts.

  4. This is why people were crushed trying to get inside the airport. They knew it was only a matter of time regardless of what Biden says during a speech.

  5. I know this is a horrible comparison, but post WWII, the Allies kept Nazi bureaucrats, policemen, judges, pencil pushers, etc in place to keep Germany running. It would’ve collapsed otherwise. If the Taliban kill off everyone who knows how to run a government….I mean who knows how to run the garbage? Or water treatment plants? Construction? Certainly not Taliban fighters! Or are they just gonna flounder (hey they can’t access Afghanistan’s assets either as everything is frozen)….will the Chinese just step in and bring all their people to run things like they always do???

  6. Taliban realized that nobody other than themselves like having the Taliban run things. Can’t reign fear and oppression on themselves so they panicked lol

  7. This was probably an agreement that was happily accepted by the CIA. US politicians don’t want to take in hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, no matter what they might say. It’s not a political winner. A year or two from now, American voters will have moved on from this mess. But not from the reality of having to integrate large amounts of people who don’t speak the language, follow a different religion and customs and have little formal education. So the calculus is one of trying to get as many Americans out as possible, and finding ways to not have to take as many Afghans out… the Taliban is the perfect tool for this.

  8. Way to know you’re the bad guys #1….

    You forbid people from leaving your country.

    On a more fundamental note, I think it was Socrates who pointed out that patriotism depends on “freedom to leave” and by forbidding your people from leaving, you deprive your governing of them of all legitimacy….

    Which is a marvelous philosophical point, but does not a lot of good when you’re being beheaded.

  9. Generally speaking if you are dual national and are in the one of those two countries you have zero recourse to the other nation.

    So if your a dual Afghan and US citizen and are in Afghanistan now you are fucked and that US passport is meaningless.

  10. Why wouldn’t you want the people that don’t believe in your ideology to be able to leave?

    Seems like these would be the same people that rise up against you from within.

  11. This will all be forgotten. Does anyone remember Burma? How about Ukraine? The Arab spring countries? They all get covered for about a month and then get carted off to the graveyard of yesterday’s news.

  12. This new development by the Taliban comes just after we learn the CIA chief met with the Taliban leadership. If the Taliban refuse to allow Afghans to reach the airport, the US will not have to evacuate these Afghan allies. Seems like a win-win for both sides.

  13. Is there a more complete quote from the Taliban saying they’ll block Afghans now, or some other information that this conclusion is drawn from.

    The article only has one quote from them that says:

    > Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said: “We want [the US] to evacuate all foreign nationals by 31 August and we are not in favour of allowing Afghans to leave. We will not be extending the deadline.”

    Not in favour of does not necessarily mean block.

  14. Only a matter of time within days the Taliban will choke the entire evacuation to zero and will put Pres. Biden in a new pickle how to get the reamining US citizens out of Afghanistan. Absolute shitshow.

  15. Western regimes: *a sigh of relief* oh, we are very sorry, we would like to welcome the unfortunate Afghans, but now it is impossible!

  16. Why not let people leave if they want to leave?

    They don’t want you. They are wiling to leave. Less trouble to force them to stay.

    You have the land.

  17. Thanks for your sacrifice interpreters, hope your death is quick but we just really wanted to leave and didn’t feel like planning. You understand, of course.

  18. I think time moves backwards for these people, their society is regressing, not progressing.

    Taliban to US forces: “Yeah uhh, we’ll uhh totally be cool and not treat women like animals and be terrorists after y’all leave”

    US forces: OK DEAL

  19. Smart deal by Biden, agree to the 8/31 deadline in exchange for the Taliban blocking access to the airport for Afghans, giving Biden a good political out for not accepting more refugees.

  20. You’d think they’d let out those who can’t stomach living under the horrible depraved conditions of an Islamic Theme Park, i.e. people who are different religions, etc. They don’t want people who will fight back. They want acquiescence and compliance to their stupid made up bullshit.

  21. They actually said that they would be blocking people who do not have papers authorising them to travel. Which makes sense if you think it.

  22. I don’t know why but islamic countries and muslims almost everywhere are supporting Taliban , just coz they successfully established “Sharia law” and another islamic Emirate is on it’s way.

  23. Westerners get demonized for refusing arabs to come to europe or USA. But fellow arab country just deny their fellow arabs without getting into any problems.
    Wouldn’t it be much easier to flee to a country where they actually speak your own language and you share the same culture? I mean there is a reason why they want to come to germany for example and not stay in ANY country between Germany and Afghanistan or an arab country.

  24. Hardly unexpected.
    Might even be on a request of the US.

    Edit: from today’s press-conference I learned from the lips of the Secretary of Defense that my hunch was correct: he acknowledged that “much order to evacuation was restored” due to “cooperation of Taliban”.

  25. Its almost like the US should’ve ended the war two months after it started when the Taliban were broken and wanted a deal. The NY Times reporting on that made my blood boil. We couldve been out in months instead of decades.

  26. Man, the only thing I keep thinking is: “I’m not stuck in here with you, you’re stuck in here with me!”

  27. I feel like we probably got the Taliban to do this via back channels. We needed someone to police the airport but it looks bad if american troops are gassing/shooting potential refugees. Have the Taliban do it.

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