October 18, 2021

WHO says Covid misinformation is a major factor driving pandemic around the world


40 thoughts on “WHO says Covid misinformation is a major factor driving pandemic around the world

  1. I never knew before this that so many casual acquaintances, and idiot relatives were experts in infectious disease. I was just blindly listening to people who actually attended medical school.

  2. It’s a shame that something as useful and powerful as the internet has now become the greatest threat to progressive cooperation throughout the world.

  3. Just found out my Dad with several healt issues is anti-vax. We speak a couple of times a year. Sad seeing someone you looked up to go completely bonkers.

  4. Didnt Russia spread a lot of COVID misinformation ? Also didnt Oil demand go down due to COVID?

    Russia needs to get a more coherent strategy that doesnt cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face

  5. All the major social media sites need to be fined for spreading misinformation and the fine should be coupled to the number of views of a video/article/story.
    They made billions exploiting personal information and used it to fine tune their algorithms.

  6. I ain’t ever needed no WHO organization to tell me about no virus. Ma said to sleep with a burning candle on my chest and I would never get sick.

  7. It doesn’t help that the organizations and institutions “in charge” of the pandemic have backpedaled on certain issues or had members that downright disobey their own organization’s recommendations. Kind of a blow to credibility if you ask me. Has anyone ever heard the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?

  8. Top of the list of misinformation : people spreading the idea that the vaccine doesn’t protect against infection.

    According to the CDC:

    Chances of being infected after vaccinated fall by 8x (odds of asymptomatic infection) (Same after third dose for delta and 60+ year olds)

    Chances of developing a symptomatic infection drop by 25x

    Odds someone will spread shit that the vaccine doesn’t lower your odds of infection”
    : 100%

  9. What do Rupert Murdoch and the other 8-10 people actually driving this death spree actually think they GAIN by killing off so many people like this? What is the fucking goal here?

  10. It’s not misinformation, it’s stupidity. Good information is readily available to basically everyone, it’s the people too stupid to believe it.

  11. Apathy is, and forever will be, the biggest driving force in these types of situations.

    Even if every single anti-mask and anti-science dumbass suddenly started believing what medical professionals are telling them… many of them still won’t bother.

    How many times have you seen someone with a mask on and a cup of coffee, continuously popping the mask off to take a sip.

    Or the people who, understandably, don’t want to be walking around in their own snot and take the mask off to sneeze!

    And the longer the pandemic lasts, the more people become apathetic.

    Before anyone asks about my sources, I don’t have any. This is something I’ve observed anecdotally and is something I believe about humanity as a whole. You are welcome to discuss with me or to just downvote me and move on.

  12. I’m glad we’ve got our top researchers at WHO working day and night to come up with this crucial information. Hell, before reading this, I thought pigeons were the reason Covid was still a problem.

  13. If you believed a lie, shame on the liar. If you believed a lie again, shame on you.

    In other words, stop getting your facts from social media.

  14. Really? I thought Covid was the driving factor of the pandemic around the world.

    For real though, get the shot.

  15. >A top World Health Organization official said that misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines appears to have gotten worse in recent weeks and is keeping people from getting the shots and driving an increase in cases around the world.
    Public health leaders have blamed conspiracy theories and misinformation for growing distrust of the vaccines around the world — so much so that U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared Covid misinformation a “serious public threat” in the U.S. last month.

    Much of that misinformation originates or is perpetuated by a significant number of Americans.

  16. They’re about to learn how much harder it is to unbrainwash people…sucks when a plan blows up in your Facebook

  17. I have a nice enough co-worker who I speak to about training (workout related information) a lot. Him and his wife are good people, so it was quite a shock when I found out they were both anti-Vax. They both got COVID-19 in early 2020 on a cruise ship. Not they’re both saying it’s not as bad as the government is making it out to be and so forth. It’s disheartening because these people are not dumb at all. So I thought..

    I had to mute and their stories and post on Instagram today because the wife had a cropped message from the sub nonewnormal. Talk about conspiracy theorists. I assume that’s where they’ve been getting their misinformation from.

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