October 18, 2021

COVID-19 cases near 1.9 million with 16,313 new infections – CNN Philippines


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 26) — The country’s total COVID-19 case count moved closer to 1.9 million on Thursday after 16,313 more people caught the coronavirus, the Department of Health reported.

The DOH case bulletin counted a total of 1,899,200 cases in the country with 6.9% or 131,921 active or currently ill. It’s the highest active case tally following April 19 when there were over 141,000 sick patients.

At least 96.1% of active cases have mild symptoms, 1.2% have severe symptoms, 1.1% are asymptomatic, 1.03% are in moderate condition and 0.6% are in critical condition.

The death toll also soared to 32,728 – which is 1.72% of the COVID-19 total – after 236 more people lost their lives. This marks the ninth consecutive day of over 150 deaths recorded daily.

Meanwhile, 9,659 more people recovered, bringing the survivor tally to 1,734,551 or 91.3% of the cases.

The DOH said it reclassified 125 survivors into deaths after validation, and deleted 201 duplicate recoveries.

The total excludes data from five laboratories which failed to submit their reports on time, the agency added. These laboratories contributed an average of 4.3% of tested samples and 3.1% of positive individuals in the last 14 days.

The positivity rate – or percentage of all tested people with positive results – fell from 25.5% based on tests from August 23 to 24.9% based on 65,903 tests reported on August 24.

The rate still falls within the critical level which indicates the need for more coronavirus tests, according to US nonprofit Covid Act Now that is used by OCTA researchers for reference. An area should aim for a positivity rate of below 3% to show there is adequate testing, Covid Act Now says.

For its part, the World Health Organization set the standard positivity rate to below 5% to say that infection in an area is under control.

It has been three days since the country hit a new all-time record for new daily cases but the DOH warned “additional peaks” may be seen in the coming days or weeks, due to ramped up testing and contract tracing efforts. 

The country remains in the high-risk classification for COVID-19 based on its increasing two-week growth rate of cases and the average daily attack rate, DOH chief epidemiologist Alethea de Guzman said in a briefing.

The country’s growth rate is at 63% in the past two weeks, slightly higher than the 58% recorded three to four weeks ago, de Guzman said. A positive growth rate means infections are increasing, while a negative growth rate indicates that cases are decreasing.

Meanwhile, the average daily attack rate, defined as the number of infected people per a population of 100,000, rose to 12.9 on Aug. 12 to 25, from 7.9 in the previous two-week period. Officials earlier said the higher the attack rate in an area, the higher a person’s risk of getting the infectious disease there.

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