October 26, 2021

Lil Nas X announces release date for debut album ‘Montero’, previews new song in trailer – NME


Lil Nas X has announced the release date for ‘Montero’, his debut studio album.

The artist revealed the news today (August 26) on Twitter that it will arrive on September 17. He also shared a trailer that previews an as-yet-unreleased song that hints at a pop-rock direction.

In the clip, Lil Nas X appears as a blonde television reporter breaking the news that Lil Nas and Jack Harlow, the prisoners in the ‘Industry Baby’ music video, have escaped.

Lil Nas is seen driving on a desert highway in a muscle convertible, still wearing his hot pink prison garb. He stops by a payphone, which transports him to another dimension before the visuals reveal the release date of ‘Montero’.

“Creating this album has been therapy for me,” Lil Nas X tweeted. “I’ve learned to let go of trying to control people’s perception of who I am, what I can do, and where I will be. I’ve realized the only opinion of me that really matters is my own.”

Watch the clip below.

‘Montero’ was first announced back in June, months after the release of its title track, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’.

The pre-save links for ‘Montero’ reveal the album is 15 tracks long, including the title track, ‘Industry Baby’ and ‘Sun Goes Down’. While the pre-save link shows an image with a glistening multi-hued object, Lil Nas has confirmed that it is not the actual album art. “Y’all are gonna fuckin love it,” he tweeted to a fan.

Earlier this week, the rapper announced that he’s joined Taco Bell for the album release as chief impact officer. “Life has come full circle,” he tweeted on Monday, referring to his past life as a Taco Bell service worker. “I officially work at taco bell again.”

The honorary position will allow him to oversee a menu of activities, collaborations, and a company-wide push for ‘Montero’.

Lil Nas X also revealed earlier this month that he declined a role in HBO series Euphoria so he could finish ‘Montero’.

“I definitely want to get into acting, but I feel I have to give it my all, and I want to focus on music for right now,” he said. “I want my first movie to be amazing.”

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