October 27, 2021

The Rock’s new headphones resist sweat and boast 45-hour battery life – Toms Guide


Don’t fancy working out like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? We don’t blame you. How about wearing his headphones instead? JBL and Under Armour have announced the latest headphones in the Project Rock line and they’re sweatproof, with a 45-hour battery life and adaptive noise cancelling to drown out even the most annoying gym soundtrack. 

Like their predecessors, these over-ear training headphones are designed to minimize distractions in the gym. They’ve got an IPX-4 rating, designed to cope with splashes of water and a decent amount of sweat (nice). They’ve also got a ‘TalkThru’ function, which lowers the music level, allowing you to ask someone if they’re done with those dumbbells without shouting. 

The UA Project Rock Over-Ear Training headphones are available now from JBL and Under Armour for $299.

These workout headphones feature “Adaptive Noise Cancelling” for those moments where you really want to focus while working out. The Project Rock headphones also feature “Ambient Aware technology,” which doesn’t block all background noise when you’re walking home from the gym. 

Under Armour Over-Ear Training Headphones

(Image credit: JBL/Under Armour )

Technology aside, one thing that does seem worth mentioning is the headphones’ ear cushions. They’re made from Under Armour’s SuperVent fabric and have been designed to be breathable and fast-drying, but also hand-washable, which is a feature all gym headphones should possess in our book. The headphones also feature UA’s Storm Super Grip fabrics on the headband, designed to keep them in place as you move.

When it comes to the battery life, JBL promises up to 45 hours. Like some of the best over-ear headphones on the market, there’s also a Speed Charge function which gets you two hours of playback in five minutes. 

According to Pascal Van Laer, Vice President and General Manager, Headphones and Wearables at HARMAN, the headphones have been “fined tuned with Dwayne Johnson’s audio preferences,” so even if you can’t lift like the Rock, you can listen like him. 

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