October 18, 2021

Toyota Corolla Cumulative Sales Have Surpassed the 50 Millionth Mark – autoevolution


Have a wild guess which is the best-selling automobile in the world. That would be the Corolla, which has moved in excess of 50,000,000 examples of the breed since the E10 was introduced in Japan back in November ‘66.
Very small even by the standards of the day, the first-generation Corolla had a little bit of prestige over the Datsun 1000 thanks to the 1.1-liter engine. Toyota even offered a two-speed automatic with a column shifter known as the Toyoglide A20, an evolution of the Powerglide-derived A10 from ’59.

Improved over almost two decades, the Corolla saw a huge shift in the 1980s. I am referring to the switch to front-wheel drive as well as the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. joint venture between Toyota and General Motors. The first U.S.-built models were made in California at the NUMMI production facility that’s currently owned and operated by Tesla.

The fifth-generation Corolla wasn’t only front-wheel drive, though. Remember the AE86 from the Initial D anime? The Hachiroku is a legend in its own right, mostly thanks to its rev-happy engine and tail-happy driving characteristics. For the sixth-generation Corolla, the compact econobox gained all-wheel drive and a 16-valve DOHC layout for every single motor.

Moving on to the 12th generation, the U.S. market has finally received a hybrid option that costs less than a brand-new Prius. Capable of more than 50 miles to the gallon (4.7 liters per 100 kilometers) on the combined testing cycle, the fuel-sipping powertrain will be complemented by a hotter option under the Gazoo Racing umbrella. The GR Corolla is likely to feature the 1.6-liter engine of the GR Yaris, which isn’t available in the United States.

It’s also worth mentioning that a compact crossover by the name of Corolla Cross has entered the lineup for the 2022 model year. Made in Alabama and offered with front- and all-wheel drive, the high-riding body style is certain to help Toyota reach the 51,000,000 milestone very soon.

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