October 20, 2021

Asus announces ROG Academy Season 3: Dates, registration, benefits and more – Times of India


Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG), today announced the beginning of the 3rd instalment of ROG Academy. Season 3 will continue to focus on Valorant, one of the top games in the esports circuits in India. The registrations for the third season starts today, 27th August 2021 and will close on Thursday, 2nd September 2021.
Curriculum & Duration:
Asus ROG Academy is a year-long program, divided into four sessions as per the quarter, aimed at establishing and developing the esports community in India. This season, the curriculum is designed in partnership with AFK Gaming.
The shortlisted team and players will then go through an extensive selection process divided into different phases. Out of all the registered players, 6 players will be selected for a 3-month long program designed to train players about various aspects of gameplay and help them master the techniques of teamwork, communication, analysing the opponents, tracking improvements, developing skill set, map breakdown and more in regards to esports gaming.
Rewards & Outcome from the training:
The third season of the ROG Academy will witness “Valorant” as the official title as we continue our journey to discover India’s most talented players. The panellists will consist of a representative from Asus ROG, partners and Valorant. Asus ROG will be providing the whole team ex-Gratia of Rs 1,00,000 to all the final 6 players once they complete their 3-month training successfully. The players will also receive monetary compensation of Rs15,000 as a stipend on monthly basis during the training. Also, all six players will continue to represent the brand for additional 3 months while participating in any tournaments or events post completing the 3 months training program successfully.
How to Apply: ROG Academy
Gamers about the age of 16 can participate in the program and register themselves on the official ROG website. Gamers aged between 16 to 18 need to provide a consent letter from their parents to participate in the program.
During the registration process, applicants will answer some key questions on the online form that will help Asus determine the type of player they are
Selection Process
After registrations, participants will have to go through a screening process which will include showcasing their abilities in the open tryouts where they will be judged by a Jury.
The top six players will be selected from the tryouts phase who will receive admission into the program.

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