October 27, 2021

New Google Assistant ‘Daylong Routine’ can have multiple actions that trigger at different times – 9to5Google


Earlier this week, some Google Home users got the option to add delayed starts to macros. Google has now updated Assistant with support for “Daylong Routines” that allow actions to automatically trigger at different times over the course of a day. 

When creating a “New routine” from Assistant settings or the Google Home app, you’ll notice a slightly tweaked page. Users will see a snack bar at the bottom of the screen asking if they “Want to schedule a Daylong Routine.” Tapping “Yes” will let you choose what days a Routine should run under “Starters,” as well as select a time zone.

Under “Actions,” you first add a time and then choose an action. You can add more times and actions to create a daylong schedule, with each card draggable for easy scheduling. This is a much easier way to turn on/off smart lights compared to creating multiple single-action Routines. 

Meanwhile, Google now shows an “Enable Routine” toggle at the top of the screen to quickly disable since these daylong macros are invoked automatically on set days rather than manually with a Hey Google phrase. That said, the new on/off switch is available for all Custom Routines.

Like the “Delay start” option, Google Assistant Daylong Routines are widely rolled out today.

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