October 22, 2021

Pokemon TV App with all Pokemon Classic Episodes now free on Nintendo Switch; all details – Republic World


While Nintendo Switch does not have mainstream content streaming platforms like Netflix, Nintendo has bought the Pokemon TV app on the portable gaming console. The Pokemon TV app can be used by fans and players to watch episodes from the Pokemon cartoon series. The application was launched back in 2019 for smartphones and smart television sets and is now available on Nintendo Switch for free. 

Pokemon TV App for Nintendo Switch lets fans view the entire series for free

While the application streams episodes from all seven Pokemon animated series free of cost, the Pokemon TV app is also bringing a Junior category watching feature, which will be for younger viewers and players. Additionally, the application does stream Pokemon series episodes only, it comes with series specials and recorded replays of best competitive championships. The application has been available for Android and iOS devices as well. 

A user does not need to sign in using a Pokemon Trainer Club account. The app provides an option wherein users can view content as guests without the need to pay. The first two seasons are available on the Pokemon TV app in their entirety. It also has the ongoing Pokemon Journey series. If some wishes to watch the Pokemon Origins mini-series or the Twilight Winds special, they can do that on the Pokemon TV app for Nintendo Switch. 

How to watch Pokemon Classic episodes

As mentioned by Pokemon.com in an announcement post, “Fans have the opportunity to watch select episodes and seasons of Pokémon the Series, journeying with Ash and his friends from Kanto to Galar and everywhere in between! Trainers can also brush up on their Pokémon TCG strategy by watching select matches and training tips. The library of videos on Pokémon TV is frequently updated so there’s always more to watch!.”

To watch the Pokemon old episodes on Nintendo Switch, log in to your account and go to Nintendo eShop. Therein, select Search and type Pokemon TV app. Once the application is located, click on download and the app will be download on the portable gaming console. Once the application is downloaded, players and fans can watch Pokemon old episodes, new episodes and other specials as and when they want.



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