October 18, 2021

Solid North backs Bongbong-Sara in 2022 elections – The Manila Times


Leaders of the so-called Solid North are pushing for what they called the ultimate “Dream Team” in next year’s presidential and vice presidential race.

“Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. for president and Sara Duterte [-Carpio] for vice president would be the right positioning if we consider the duo’s political exposure and experience,” said a congressman from the alliance of political bigwigs in the provinces north of Luzon mainland.

The political heavyweights of the Ilocandia provinces met with Marcos last July 25 to convince the former senator to join next year’s presidential race after an earnest discussion of his winnability.

The meeting, which was arranged by Sen. Maria Imelda Josefa “Imee” Marcos as a pre-SONA merienda at the Marcos house in San Juan City, was attended by more than 50 representatives, governors, and political leaders led by League of Municipalities President and Narvacan Mayor Chavit Singson and Isabela Gov. Rudito Albano.

Also in attendance was League of Provinces President Presbeterio Velasco, who urged Marcos to follow his dream and vie for the presidency.

Reacting to news reports insinuating that Marcos is set to pair with Duterte-Carpio as vice president, another senior leader of the closely-knit political group said “our previous decision to support the former senator in his bid for the presidency remained firm and unchanged, and we will also support whoever vice presidential bet he will take with him.”

The Ilocano leader stressed that “seniority must also count in preparing for a tandem that is expected to lead the nation through a stormy voyage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”

He explained that the presidential daughter appears to be a brilliant local political leader as chief executive of Davao City but has a lot more to learn from the experience and exposure of the former senator, representative and governor of Ilocos Norte with respect to national governance.

“Sara needs nurturing in national governance and will surely get her full political maturity after six years of running the country as a bright and able deputy to the President… after all she’s very much younger than Bongbong,” added the Solid North leader.

He admitted that pairing Marcos, with the support of the Solid North, with Duterte-Carpio, who’s holding the biggest majority of the Solid South or Mindanao, in her presidential run is truly a political marriage made in heaven.”

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