October 21, 2021

Starfield: Bethesda takes us beyond the stars to three new planets – App Trigger


In Starfield, you’re a space-faring member of Constellation, the last group of space explorers. As you embark on this journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery, you’ll naturally be visiting distant planets.

Bethesda gave us a sneak peek at some of these planets over the summer, but today, we’ve got three new videos that provide more insight. Join Design Director Emil Pagliarulo on this brief, but exciting journey that sheds some more light on three of the planets in Starfield.

New Atlantis

First up we have New Atlantis, the United Colonies capital city. New Atlantis is basically a futuristic New York, a true melting pot with residents from all across the galaxy. Towering buildings, bright lights, this space port will undoubtedly be a sight to behold in Starfield.


The “pleasure city” of Neon is the complete opposite of New Atlantis. Located on an aquatic world, Neon was originally built by the Xenofresh Corporation with the goal to catch fish. That vision soon evolved into something much different when they discovered a fish psychotropic properties. Like all corporations, they followed the path to more money and decided to make a drug called Aurora. Because Aurora is only legal on Neon, the city is a tourist destination with people from all over coming to experience the thrill.  It’ll be interesting to see what sort of role Aurora plays in your adventures in Starfield.

Akila City

The third and final planet teased is Akila City, the capital of the Freestar Collective, a loose confederation of three distinct star systems. Although it’s home to a variety of people, they are joined together by the common belief in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality. Akila City is located within giant walls that keep its residents safe from Ashta, alien predators that are a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor.

That’s all for now, but it’s amazing how three small teasers can get me so excited for a game. If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a space nerd. The idea of traveling the galaxy and visiting these unique planets has me hyped for Starfield‘s release in November 2022.

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