October 21, 2021

The Overperformers and Underperformers in Historic with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons • Premium, Reviews • MTG Arena Zone – MTG Arena Zone


Published August 27, 2021
· Updated August 27, 2021

Freyalise, Skyshround Partisan Art by Daarken

Freyalise, Skyshround Partisan Art by Daarken

Hello everyone! I played/watched (generally simultaneously) an absolute boat load of Magic with the release of Jumpstart to give you a preliminary idea of what’s going on in Historic.

Unsurprisingly, Jumpstart has absolutely flipped Historic on it’s head with a host of new strategies being spawned and existing strategies being thrown for a loop in how to evolve. With that, although Chris and I talked about how we felt things were going to shake out in Historic with the reviews, there’s no better test to see what is good and what’s bad then actually seeing the cards in action. Now that I have, I think I have a strong idea on the direction that Historic is going.

Let’s dive right in.


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