October 18, 2021

E-commerce app seeks to ‘complete mall experience’


Go Shopping Philippines positions itself as an e-commerce site that besides shopping will include features like movie streaming and live events which everyone used to enjoy in malls. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/GOSHOPPINGPHILIPPINES

Go Shopping Philippines positions itself as an e-commerce site that besides shopping will include features like movie streaming and live events which everyone used to enjoy in malls. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/GOSHOPPINGPHILIPPINES

Even as the prevalent use of online shopping has proven helpful and convenient for Filipinos, scams, bogus sellers and buyers, and fake or low-quality items are issues that are still difficult to avoid. Therefore, victims of e-commerce prefer to go back to physical stores despite the continuing pandemic to guard their hard-earned money.

Attempting to address the bane of add-to-cart, a new app, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP), promises to give Filipinos the kind of malling experience they all know and love, albeit still on the internet. Developers are looking to launch the service in the last quarter of this year.


A homegrown app, Go Shopping seeks to challenge how online shopping is done in this new normal by creating the biggest mall in a digital platform.

“Go Shopping Philippines was built on the foundation that people go online shopping because they want value for their money. We will do the kind of business that everyone wants because only Filipinos can understand the Filipino culture, buying habits, and the way we all want to be served,” CEO Neil La-as said during the soft launch.

“Mahirap tayong i-please na market, pero madali din tayong ma-victimize. Go Shopping Philippines [is] positioning to protect sellers and buyers [through] interacting within our system. It’s built with cybersecurity measures that most of these e-commerce [sites] had neglected.”

Asked by The Manila Times Lifestyle what exactly would make Filipinos want to shop at GSP rather than other popular sites, La-as noted that their edge is customer service.

“Inside the platform, you can chat with us if you have problems later on in the logistics or in whatever things pertaining to your order. You can talk to us live, and you will directly be talking to our live agents. There will be no other automated machines.”

COO Donnah Maravilla added that the company will emerge as the first e-commerce app with a frontloading service, which means that most stocks on offer will be “on-hand stocks.”

“Partner merchants would send their inventories and Go Shopping will sell and deliver to the customers also, so when it comes to delivery, we should be more efficient.”


The company believes that to protect buyers from scams, they must secure sellers’ legitimacy through strict protocols. To do this, management will talk directly to business owners and require them to submit their concept, product listing, permits, and other certifications before they are allowed to sell.

The app is open to carry a wide variety of goods, including fashion, jewelry, home needs, groceries, furniture, carpentry, sewing, travel booking facilities, medical, dental and veterinary services, and many others.

So far, the app’s merchants include skincare brand Bakku2Basic, delivery courier Mr. Speedy, and phone service company Fixst, among others.

Apart from these, the reason why GSP was created is to help boost the local economy specifically under the app’s Go National category. This will be purely made up of Philippine products and sellers to support small businesses. Moreover, the app will promote products from the provinces like durian candy from Davao, mango-tamarind of Cebu, pili tart from Bicol, or Arabica coffee from Bukidnon.

Meanwhile, to prevent scams from the buyers’ side, they are required to submit a copy of their ID and receive a call from an agent to verify the order and their mode of payment.


Finally, to complete the malling experience, GSP plans to share films, series, pay-per-view, and concerts in the app – entertainment and activities everyone used to get from their favorite shopping complexes.

The categories dedicated include GFlix, which offers on-demand local and international films that are possible for viewing via smartphone.

Go Live is a live streaming platform for conferences, trade exhibitions, and events.

Go Cineplex is a 3D virtual cinema that has multiple halls, its own secured online ticketing system, and high-quality audio and video.

Finally, GoTV will be air select television programs. There are plans underway for original content related to the burgeoning e-commerce industry, including a show with lawyers talking about the rights of customers and a news program centered on developments and other issues about online shopping.

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