October 26, 2021

Largest California fires right now: Maps, containment, more – Los Angeles Times


Northern California has so far borne the brunt of the 2021 fire season. One of the largest fires in the state’s history, the Dixie fire, has charred more than 750,000 acres. Meanwhile, the Caldor fire is bearing down on the Lake Tahoe area.

This week, a few fires sprang up in Southern California, including the South fire, which has burned four homes and nearly 1,000 acres since it began Wednesday afternoon.

Keep up to date on all the fires in the state with the Los Angeles Times’ California wildfires map — which shows fire origins, hot spots, fire perimeters, evacuation zones and the spread of air pollution. The Times also has reporters covering fires throughout the state. Californians should prepare homes and families for wildfire and know what to do if ordered to evacuate. Here’s what containment numbers mean in relation to wildfires, and for the curious, here’s how fires get their names.

These are the five largest fires by acreage currently burning in California (as of Friday).

Dixie fire

This is the largest fire burning in California at 750,672 acres. The fire, which began northeast of Chico, was 46% contained by Friday and had been burning for 44 days. The map below updates regularly.

Monument fire

Between Redding, in the state’s interior, and Eureka, on the coast, is the Monument fire, which has charred more than 160,000 acres. As of Friday, the fire was 22% contained and had been burning for 28 days. The map below updates regularly.

Caldor fire

The Caldor fire is closing in on South Lake Tahoe, creating unhealthful air and prompting evacuations throughout the area. It began two weeks ago and has burned nearly 144,000 acres. The fire was only 12% contained by Friday. The map below updates regularly.

McFarland fire

South of the Monument fire, the McFarland fire was 93% contained by Friday. It has burned more than 122,000 acres in 28 days. The map below updates regularly.

Haypress fire

To the northeast of the Monument fire is the Haypress fire. It has burned nearly 90,000 acres in 26 days. The map below updates regularly.

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