October 26, 2021

On the ‘smell – and state – of safety’ versus Covid-19

Locked down hard by ECQ a third time, do you still ever wonder what great or good you could do if this godawful virus hadn’t moored us to our homes?

One woman of style and substance, Pinky Pe Tobiano, hardly has to. For most of the pandemic, the well-loved lady has been thriving in ways we’d think unlikely given the threat of Covid-19.

Not long after the global health crisis began, the well-loved socialite, fashion plate and tireless philanthropist managed to set off a whole new career in media while staying on top of her businesses, taking good care of her husband and children and never letting up on helping the less fortunate across the country, especially in these exceptionally trying times. And she does all these in person, even if as a cancer survivor, she knows full well she will always have a weaker immune system than the next person.

According to the noted chemist, the CDC and international laboratories have proven that it is only through smoke disinfection that spaces can throughly be rid of bacteria, virus and fungi — down to the deepest cracks and crevices — because of its ultra light molecules. Comparisons with other types of disinfection are indicated in the table below.

According to the noted chemist, the CDC and international laboratories have proven that it is only through smoke disinfection that spaces can throughly be rid of bacteria, virus and fungi — down to the deepest cracks and crevices — because of its ultra light molecules. Comparisons with other types of disinfection are indicated in the table below.

Pinky is now a full-fledged program host, with not one but two shows to her name: “Grateful Tuesdays,” which is on season break online and on cable TV; and “Table Love by Pinky” on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Grateful Tuesdays, her maiden venture on cam, actually started as an infotainment program where, as a chemist by profession, she sought to teach viewers how to properly disinfect their homes against Covid. Her generous heart always with her, the show quickly transformed into a public service program where Pinky gathered close friends from show business and fellow do-gooders to bring cheer, food donations and safety packs to over 70,000 families across the country most affected by the pandemic and other natural disasters.

Pinky personally saw to the distribution of these goods, which took her as far as Cagayan Valley, and is ever at it, reaching out to jeepney drivers disenfranchised by this new round of ECQ just days ago on the streets of Katipunan Ave.

In between all this, she juggles her responsibilities as CEO of three pharmaceutical companies, tapes for her tablescaping show in celebrity homes a couple of times a week; keeps the Tobiano home spic and span; and even gets away with her husband, noted CPA Juancho Robles, most weekends, either to The Farm at San Benito or beautiful Balesin Island.



In short, Pinky lives a full life despite the pandemic and, from the looks of things, without fear for her delicate health. And believe it or not, she insists we can all do it.

“I can do what I want and need to do as long as I’m surrounded by the ‘smell of safety,'” she declared over a cozy Zoom gathering last week where she prominently wore her chemist hat.

Truly in her element, Pinky delivered a lecture and demonstration titled, “Next Level Safety Protocols for the New Normal,” where she whipped out a can, no bigger than a tin of sardines, and credited it for allowing her to be as present and productive as she is in all her endeavors.

Called Sanivir Smoke, the B.S. Chemistry cum laude of the University of Sto. Tomas shared how she came across the product from Spain, did thorough research on its components and science, and ultimately validated its claim to be “the best and most powerful way to keep spaces virus-free over a longer period of time.”

Initially discussing the different types and methods of disinfection that most Filipino homes practice amid the pandemic (see table), she gave a compelling presentation on how Sanivir – a smoke disinfectant – can effectively reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 (its newer and stronger variants included) “to the highest level and for as long as seven to 14 days.”

“A fumigant disinfectant, Sanivir fights against all types of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air and on surfaces with Orthophenylphenol (7.0 percent) and Glutaraldehyde (3.5 percent). These are two very powerful ingredients which have been proven by the CDC and international laboratories to kill the coronavirus.”

Pinky further explained that it is because of the extreme lightness of the molecules of smoke, as compared to other forms of disinfectants, only Sanivir can effectively sanitize the most hard-to-reach areas in any given room, including deep corners, computer keyboards, tiny cracks and crevices, and the deadly virus trap that is the aircon filter.

“This is really what makes Sanivir Smoke more effective than fogging, misting, UV, or any spray disinfection, as certified by the Instituto Valenciano de Microbiologia and leading biosecurity firm Bioplagen in Europe.”

With the need to restore economic activity in mind for the country’s survival in this pandemic, Pinky initially brought in the product, which has since been used as a crucial part of strict sanitary measures at places like SM Supermarkets, S&R discount stores, Manila House, Discovery Primea, and of course, her two favorite weekend getaways to name a few.

But with Covid not letting up and spewing more dangerous variants as of late, Pinky has gone on to advocate the use of Sanivir Smoke even on the homefront to protect who matter most.

Very easy to use, she demonstrated lighting up a 25-gram in the middle of a bedroom at The Farm at San Benito, which can disinfect an area of 30 to 50 square meters.

“It’s also best to use this in cars because we often forget how bacteria and virus can thrive in a very small space with people sitting close together,” she added.

The bigger can of Sanivir at 1 kg., meanwhile, is intended for more extensive areas like offices, ranging between 500 to 550 square meters.

“Keep away from the fumigated area for at least eight hours, and you can be sure it will be free from bacteria and viruses for up 14 days,” Pinky guaranteed.

Finally, doing the math, Pinky said that while the smallest can of Sanivir Smoke costs P1,750, dividing the price tag by 14 days of continued disinfection means you can actually protect your family from Covid with just P125 day.

“So whether at home or in my office, my tapings, or even if a restaurant lets me, I can be sure that I and everyone else around me is protected from getting sick with Sanivir Smoke,” she rounded up. “This is why I’ve been getting to live my life all this time. Anywhere I go, as long as I smell the scent of safety it brings, I know I’ll be OK.”

Sanivir Smoke is available at Rustan’s Department Stores and online shops, Stork.ph, Shopee, Nest Genie and Lazada.

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