October 18, 2021

Why this new Los Baños villa is perfect for a GCQ getaway


If there’s one thing that is certain about most of us, it is that we are itching to leave the city once in a while to commune with nature. As the swinging quarantine rules continue to keep us glued to our homes, a little fresh air, the sound of chirping birds or crickets and a view of anything other than the walls of our homes have become a necessary interlude.

Enter Gloria Maris Entertainment Villa Los Baños, a destination by Olarfe Resorts. The modern oasis is in a secluded land in Los Baños, Laguna, beside the foothills of Mt. Makiling.

Besides expertly combining the popular modern Scandinavian aesthetic with the calming nature surrounding it, there are several other reasons this place is an ideal destination, GCQ or not and beyond.

As the swinging quarantine rules continue, a little fresh air, the sound of chirping birds or crickets have become a necessary interlude.

As the swinging quarantine rules continue, a little fresh air, the sound of chirping birds or crickets have become a necessary interlude.

Privacy. While the municipality of Los Baños is a busy area, Gloria Maris Entertainment Villa is located at a cul-de-sac of a secured subdivision – which means there are limited guests inside the premises. It also means the guests would be getting their much-needed peace and quiet while they’re staying at the villa.

Accessibility. Since the place is in the heart of Los Baños, it is accessible to other landmarks, universities, restaurants, malls, and hospitals. It’s Waze-able, too!

Tourist destinations. Normally, guests would keep themselves hidden inside Gloria Maris, and just spend their waking hours taking in the beauty of nature. But on days when they are feeling “tourist-y” and would like to explore the area, there are several tourist spots that they can visit: the Makiling Botanical Gardens, Flat Rocks trail, Mudsprings trail, Peak 2 (the highest peak of Mt. Makiling), Dampalit Falls and Magnetic Hill.

The amenities. These are aplenty as follows: 1) There are four fully air-conditioned, attached family rooms, with each unit good for four to five people, featuring its own living room, toilet and bath (with heater) kitchen and dining area; 2) Of the four units, the Master Suite has the latest 65-inch Sony Android TV and a temperature-controlled indoor jacuzzi for two; 3) The villa has a 24-seater Smart Dolby Atmos Cinema, equipped with the latest laser movie projector for that gigantic Ultra HD cinema experience. It is convertible to a private conference theater, if the need arises; 4) For the gamers out there, the villa also has an arcade game station with indoor game bar. There’s a four-player arcade machine, imported driving simulation games, a basketball machine and, of course, a karaoke machine; 5) For those who can’t miss a work out, the villa has commercial-grade indoor gym, which has a fully rubberized floor and Life Fitness Machines; and 6) For water babies, there are the temperature-controlled swimming pools (adult and kiddie), where water from the The Mt. Makiling Spring flows. The villa only uses premium DE pool filters that eliminate most bacteria and viruses, by the way.

Initially a by-invitation-getaway based on regular guests’ recommendations, Gloria Maris Entertainment Villa Los Baños by Olarfe Resorts is now open for general booking via www.facebook.com/GloriaMarisVilla.

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