October 27, 2021

Parenting skills: Dad shows how to deal with a child's tantrum. | Parenting advice


When spoiled kids get told NO in Walmart: Watch this US dad teach his daughter a lesson in viral video with 22m views on Facebook

Just an ordinary day in the life of being a parent. This dad,Terrel “RICO RELZ” Crawford, shows his way to get through the infamous store tantrum and a screaming child. The video has seen now well over 80million views around the world from being shared by so many.

You can check out the original post below https://www.facebook.com/RICORELZ/videos/10155299659534733/
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10 thoughts on “Parenting skills: Dad shows how to deal with a child's tantrum. | Parenting advice

  1. I love how calm he’s talking to her if you yell at your child while crying its just going to make them cry even worse because when you yell at them they get scared especially little kids thats what makes them cry more

  2. My daughters are 4 & 3 yrs old. I to take them to the car when they start screaming like a crazy person. We sit there until they calm down. My 4 yr old likes to always say “this is torture” while screaming and kicking in the car🤣…my 3 yr old stops screaming and watches her scream instead 🤣 so I got one calm and one tryna gimme all her smoke🤣 but we ain’t going nowhere until we’re all done acting crazy 🤣

  3. Did the same thing with my kids and now my grandkids pick them up put them over my shoulder as they kick and scream as we are walking out the door put them in the car and let them scream it out until they calm down and realize we are not going back in until they learn when we say no

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