December 3, 2021

Real-life 'Iron Man' showcased his jetpack technology to military teams.

This is the moment a real-life “Iron Man” showcased his jetpack technology to American military defence teams.

Richard Browning, a former Royal Marines Reservist, is seen whizzing round the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The fully functioning “Jet Suit” developed by Gravity Industries is powered by cutting-edge technology and makes human flight a reality.

Richard, Founder and Chief Pilot of Gravity Industries, travelled to Annapolis, home of the United States Naval Academy to play host to the “Atlantic Future Forum”.

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10 thoughts on “Real-life 'Iron Man' showcased his jetpack technology to military teams.

  1. This is great and a bit useless in war till it had automatic computer firing mechanism, because this thing is an easy target.
    Still marvelous achievment, bravo!!
    Oh by the way can be used by medic team at least

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