December 3, 2021

Student's Special Promposal at Canal Fulton High School Goes Viral || GoViral

CANAL FULTON, Ohio — Video of a Canal Fulton student’s heartwarming promposal is going viral.

On Tuesday, Northwest High School student Maddy was given pieces to a very special puzzle. As she put together the pieces, the message started to form: “You and…prom”

But the final piece was missing. That’s when Camden, a student at the school’s intensive needs unit, came up and handed Maddy the final piece: “Me.”

Cam, who is nonverbal, used a tablet to formally ask Maddy out to the school’s educational service center prom.

“That was a genuine prom proposal,” said Principal Larry Tausch. “Maddy being Maddy, she responded in a way that we expected her to.” That was, of course, a heartfelt and enthusiastic “Yes!”

Maddy had no idea the promposal was coming – her teachers had just asked her if she was free that evening.

“What you saw on that video was actually Maddy, that’s genuinely her,” Tausch said.

Cam was waiting in the hall as Maddy assembled the puzzle and was super-excited to ask her to the prom, Tausch said.

“Cam is the happiest kid,” Tausch said. “Everyone knows Cam because he’s a hugger.”

Since Tausch shared the video on Twitter Wednesday morning, it has received 155,000 views, over 1,600 retweets and nearly 10,000 likes. Tausch said he thinks the purity of the moment between Cam and Maddy helped propel the video to viral status.

“What you saw on that video was very authentic,” he said. And in an age where cynicism is pervasive on social media, Tausch is pleased with how genuine and honest the responses have been.

Maddy is very excited to head to prom with Cam on May 3.

“Cam never fails to make me smile, but yesterday he made me cry happy tears!” she tweeted. “I’m so lucky to be his prom date and couldn’t be more excited! Cam and this school make my heart so happy.”

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