January 18, 2022

Alligator Knocks on Florida Woman's Door || GoViral


KNOCK, KNOCK🐊 A Florida woman got the scare of her life after this pesky, nearly 8-foot alligator knocked on her door and peeked inside her window! Kind of looks like he was casing the joint!

Donna Heiss: “This gator was very aggressive. Trapper estimates it between 7-8 feet. There was a real possibility it could have broken through the glass on the door. There is no “doggie door”. I do not and have never fed a gator in my life. I have lived in this house for 15 years and have never seen an aggressive gator like this. I have seen smaller ones pond hopping going about their business, but this one was dangerous. Terrifying actually. Had I brought my small dog out while it was under my 8ft picture window, the outcome would have been much different. My glass door and picture window is all scratched up from the banging which could have shattered at any moment.”

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